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L 1 Functional Skills Maths
Diagnostic Assessment Mathematics Level 1
Diagnostic Assessment Mathematics Level 1

Initial Assessment
Pre-assessment Questionnaire
Screening Test User Guide 1
Screening Test

Learner Induction
FS Learner Induction Handbook
FS Learner Induction Lesson Plan
Progression Summaries
FS Self Assessment Activity
FS4U Maths Specifications L1&2 Landscape

How To Support Materials
1 Introduction to Fractions
2 Introduction to Decimal Fractions
3 Introduction to Percentages
4 Introduction to Ratios
5 Introduction To Negative Numbers
6 Introduction To Approximations
7 Introduction To Estimation
8 Introduction to +, -, x, Division
9 Calculating Using Fractions
10 Calculating Using Decimals
11 Calculating Using Simple Percentages
12 Calcultating Using Ratios
13 Calculating Using Simple Formulae
14 Calculating Using Common Units
15 Calculating Using Perimeter & Area
16 Calculating Using Volumes
17 Practical Drawing & Measuring
18 Converting Using Scales & Tables
19 Using Probability
20 Constructing 2D Diagrams
21 Constructing 2D & 3D Diagrams
22 Introduction To Mean, Median, Range & Mode
23 Revising Fractions
24 Revising Decimals
25 Revising Percentages
26 Revising Ratios
27 Powers & Roots
28 Using Formulae
29 Using Networks
30 Using Bar & Pie Charts
31 Revising Mean,median,mode
32 Cumulative Frequency
33 Calculating Accurately
34 Using Estimation
35 Using Approximation
36 Numbers Of Any Size
37 Collecting & Processing Data
38 Graphs & Conversions
39 Area, Perimeter & Volume
FS - Mathematics Workbook List
FS Mathematics Workbooks full contents

Learner Materials
Section 1 Working with Whole Numbers
Section 2 Working with Decimals Money Percentages
Section 3 Workng with Ratios & Proportion
Section 4 Working with Measures, Units & Space
Section 5 Working with Shape & Space
Section 6 Working with Data & Averages
Section 7 Working with Probability

Lesson Plans 36 Weeks
Lesson Plans 36 Weeks

Mapping Maths Level 1

Progression Summary FS Maths
Progression Summary FS E1-L2 Mathematics

Quality Assurance System
FS Quality Assurance System

Scheme of Work
Scheme of Work 18 & 36 weeks

Staff Training & Development Programme
Management Readiness Tool
Progression Summaries

FS Staff Training Handbook
FS Staff Training Handbook

FS Staff Training Lesson Plan
FS Staff Training Lesson Plan

Functional Skills Staff Training Presentation
Functional Skills Staff Training Presentation

Summary Specifications
Summary Specifications

Graphs & Conversions A straight line graph is the simplest kind of line graph and shows a constant relationship between two sets of values. Conversion graphs are often straight line graphs.

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