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Level 2 Functional Skills English
Diagnostic Assessment English Level 2
Diagnostic Assessment English Level 2
Progression Summaries

Learner Induction
Learner Induction Handbook
FS Learner Induction Lesson Plan
FS Self Assessment Activity
FS4U English Specifications L1&2 Landscape

How To Support Materials
1 English Introduction To Sentences
2 English What is a Comma, Question Mark, Apostrophe
3 English Using Difficult Words
4 Rules Relating to Spelling
5 Reading Skimming & Scanning
6 Reading Identifying Points & Ideas
7 Introduction to Images
8 Working on Spellings
9 Using Plurals
10 Using Capital Letters
11 Using Sentences & Full Stops
12 Using Commas etc
13 Using Question Marks
14 Using Apostrophes
15 Introduction To Oral Presentation
16 Introduction to Written Presentation
17 English Producing Summaries
18 Using Images to Represent Words
19 Communicating Effectively
20 Using Nouns & Pronouns
21 Using Adjectives & Adverbs
22 Using SimilarWords With Different Meanings
23 Using Homonyms Homophones
24 Reducing The Number of Words
25 Using Prefixes
26 Using Punctuation Marks
27 Writing A CV
28 Writing Memos
29 Writing Business Letters
30 Writing Leaflets-brochures
31 Writing Reports
32 Writing Briefings & Factsheets
33 Writing Using Images
34 Taking Part in Discussions
35 English Making Presentations
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Functional Skills English ‘How To’ Booklets

Learner Materials
1 Build your Reading Skills Base
2 Widen Your Reading Skills
3 Skillful Speaker & Listener
4 Presenting Texts Clearly
5 Writing for Different Purposes
6 Varying Your Style for Your Audience
7 Test Your Skills
8 Writing a Business Report

Lesson Plans 36 Weeks
Lesson Plans 36 Weeks


Progression Summary FS English
Progression Summary

Quality Assurance
Quality Assurance

Scheme of Work L2
Scheme of Work L2 18 weeks
Scheme of Work 36 weeks

Staff Training & Development Programme
Management Readiness Tool
Progression Summary FS English E1-L2
Staff Training Handbook
Staff Training Lesson Plan
Functional Skills Staff Training Presentation
Summary English Specifications L1&2 Landscape

Writing Memos Consider 1 The purpose of the memorandum. 2 To whom it is going. 3 What makes the memoranda the best method of achieving your objective(s). Content 1 Refer to a previous communication or event, or state the purpose of the memorandum. 2 State what you want the reader to know/do. 3 Give any relevant information the reader needs to have for understanding the issue or to carry out any requests which you are making. Full information should be given. Never assume knowledge on the part of a reader. 4 Give a clear statement of when/ho/where instructions should be carried out. General Factors 1 The memorandum (memo) is an internal document used for communicating unsolicited pieces of information. It may be a short informal note or a long and complex document depending on the nature of the material and the personnel involved. It is most commonly quite short as most things of great length and formality would require a report. The memo can go between departments, sites, even to another part of the country or to another country, but it must remain within the company. 2 Format The memo has traditionally been produced on A5 landscape paper. However with the increasing use of word processor, individuals and companies frequently design their own format as a pro-forma on a computer disc. 3 What you do not need! Unlike a letter, there is no address, salutation (dear…), or complimentary close (Yours…). Nor are they usually signed, but the sender’s name must be on the memo. (Some businesses sign memos if financial transactions are involved). 4 Include a) The name of the destination department or of the recipient. memos may be addressed to individuals by their job titles e.g. The Personnel Manager. b) Include the sender’s name/position/department to avoid confusion. 5 Layout This does vary between companies, but all memos have some features in common.

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