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What Functional Skills are? Functional skills are practical skills in English, Mathematics and Information Communication Technology. They will help you gain the most out of work, education and everyday life. What Functional English is and what it involves? Functional English aims to ensure that you are confident and capable when using the skills of speaking, listening, reading and writing, and you are able to communicate effectively, adapting to a range of audiences and contexts. This will include being able to explain information clearly and succinctly in speech and writing, expressing a point of view reasonably and persuasively, and using English to communicate effectively. In a practical context this means that in life and work you should be able to: ■ read and understand information and instructions, and then use this understanding to act appropriately. This could apply to working out which train to catch to reach a specific destination, to organising a series of tasks in the workplace ■ analyse how ideas and information are presented, and be able to evaluate their usefulness, for example solving a problem. ■ make an oral presentation or report and contribute to discussions ■ use speech to work collaboratively in teams to agree actions and conclusions. What Functional Mathematics is and what it involves? Functional Mathematics aims to ensure that you have a sufficient understanding of a range of mathematical concepts and you know how and when to use them. In a practical context, this means learners will develop the confidence and capability to: ■ solve problems ■ process calculations ■ interpret and explaining situations All within the following contexts: work and education, community, citizenship and environment, media and communication, and family, home and social issue.